Our Farm

The "Le Due Torri" farm covers an area of about 200 hectares in the territory of the plain of Spello and the hills overlooking Foligno.

The livestock breeding facility of the Farm "Le Due Torri" is home to about two hundred Chianina cattle (cows, bulls and calves). While the agricultural land is cultivated with cereals, forage and other food crops, together with the woodland and an olive grove.

Moreover, it includes 2 farmhouses used for hospitality and educational activities: Ponte Pazienza (equipped with 5 mini-apartments) and Ca' Solare (with its classrooms and various workshops).

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Certificazione agricoltura biodinamica
Europe Organics

Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture is practised for more than 100 years all around the World. It differs from Organic agriculture because it does not use synthetic chemicals. However, it uses various preparations made from medicinal herbs and finely grounded quartz crystal.

Minimal quantities of these preparations are diluted in water, oxygenated and then distributed on the soil and plants

Azienda Agricola Le Due Torri

Certified Products

At "Le Due Torri" we practice biodynamic agriculture since 1992. We have improved through the years, experimenting in our fields biodynamic agriculture together with effective microorganisms (E.M.) These agricultural techniques are able to bring back fertility and microbic vitality to the land. Moreover, it promotes the healthy development of plants and the production of healthy food.

The international certification "Demeter" of our land and our produce guarantee the goodness and the wholeness of the purchased products.

Agricoltura Biodinamic

The Well-being of the Earth is health for human beings

The benefits of biodynamic agriculture, when compared with the mainstream agriculture (which uses synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides), are apparent in both the land and in the human health

Our long term project, which we propose to whomever the health and sustainability of our planet are important, is to deliver to future generations a more sustainable environment.

Per più informazioni sull’agricoltura biodinamica vai su https://demeter.it/biodinamica/

Even scientists are agreeing

From the article of the magazine “Science” of 31-5-02 (vol. 296 n. 5573 pp. 1694-97):

"Biodynamic agriculture is continuously confronted with conventional methods of agricultural production and it is always winning in terms of the benefits that produce is the soil. Such as the increase of organic substance, the presence of earthworms and beneficial microorganisms that allow a better function of the roots of the plants. Moreover, to the better nutritional quality that it gives to seeds and fruits that are cultivated."

Questo è solo un esempio di quanto si può trovare scritto nelle principali testate scientifiche internazionali, a supporto della sostentabilità ambientale ed economica dell’agricoltura che pratichiamo alle “Due Torri”.