Chianina Meat from our Farm to your plate

Our Chianina meat has a better taste because our cattle is born in the Umbrian countryside at Spello. They are feed with our own produce and we breed in compliance with best practices of animal welfare.

Biodynamic Agriculture

Con il metodo biodinamico, l’agricoltura è in sintonia con la natura, con la terra e con gli uomini.

Nell'agricoltura biologica e biodinamica la concimazione, la coltivazione e l’allevamento sono attuati con modalità che rispettano e promuovono la fertilità e la vitalità del terreno e allo stesso tempo le qualità tipiche delle specie vegetali e animali.


Per quelli che vogliono vivere un' esperienza di puro relax, immersi nei campi della nostra azienda agricola biologica e biodinamica, vi proponiamo il nostro 'agriturismo " Le Due Torri - Casale di Ponte Pazienza" a Spello ed "Il Casale Grande" a Spoleto...


biologici e biodinamici





Olive trees belong to the local varieties, introduced in Umbria by Benedictine monks around the year 1000 and are cultivated with the biological-dynamic method on the stony and terraced hills of the Umbrian Apennines: the Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio varieties; with triple certification: Biological, Demeter, and D.O.P. "Umbria" Colli Assisi-Spoleto. The collection is made mechanically utilizing a new generation pneumatic shaker, which guarantees the freshness and integrity of the olives. The olives are milled cold and stored, under a nitrogen atmosphere

The acidity of the oil is very low (0.15%), thanks to the biological-dynamic cultivation techniques applied. Più informazioni…



We have selected for you two wines of high-quality P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) "Umbria," from white and red grapes grown and vinified in our region by Filippo's winery.

A soft white but with a marked acidity, which is accompanied by splendidly fresh cheeses, fish, and seafood, Mediterranean pasta, risottos with delicate vegetables, soups and salads; served fresh is also an excellent aperitif to accompany snacks and finger food.



The Umbria Red P.G.I. is obtained mainly with Merlot and Sangiovese grapes while the Umbria White P.G.I. with Grechetto and Trebbiano Spoletino grapes.

The red wine has a beautiful ruby colour with fruity, clean aromas, which goes superbly with white meats and fresh and tasty sheep cheeses or with sliced pork or Chianina beef meat; gratins or other stuffed pasta.


Ponte Pazienza Farmhouse apartments

and il casale grande


Vacanze nel cuore verde dell'italia

The Agritourism “Le Due Torri”, located in a central position with respect to the most beautiful towns of Umbria (just 12 Km from Assisi), is the ideal place for finding relaxation and· genuine hospitality. The buildings are part of a 200 hectare organic and· bio-dynamic farm at the foothills of Spello which produces olives, truffles, cereals and· hay. A stone farm-house included in the property, dating back to the 18th century offers accommodation in six apartments surrounded of a garden, a pool and a playground area. The agritourism is the ideal place to spend a holiday immersed in the Umbrian country side and overall wellbeing.


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"Agricoltura organica e rigenerativa"

  • Sabato 22 Febbraio 2020
  • 17:30
  • Auditorium San Domencio, Foligno
  • Cantina Terre di Trinci - Via Fiamenga 57, Foligno
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